2 Activities

This section will help you create learning activities that can be implemented in different modalities.

By the end of this section you will be able to:
  • Develop formative learning assignments that measure to what degree students have achieved the desired learning outcomes.

  • Implement course activities/assessments that facilitate learning.

For this section you will need:
  • Your Course Learning Objectives
  • A pen or pencil
  • Extra paper for notes
  • The ability to print handouts, if desired
  • Webcam and headset/microphone if participating via Zoom.
This section contains an Introduction and 4 steps, below.

The subsequent homework activity provides an opportunity for you to act on the suggestions provided in the 4 steps and prepare for Section 3.


    Learning activities form the backbone of your course.

    Active learning fosters student engagement and contributes to long-term retention of core concepts.

    Pairing active learning with evidence-based practices for learning, such as retrieval, spaced-practice, interleaved practice, and metacognition/reflection, provides a strong foundation for students’ academic success.

    Planning ahead, we can match classroom-based activities to equivalent remote activities focused on active learning so that sudden shifts in course modality will not interfere with the students’ mastery of the course content or the instructor’s confidence in their content delivery.

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